I’m Faith, the founder of Yay Sunshine. I live in Australia, where we have incredible sunshine almost all the year round.

But for as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled to find sunglasses that fit me properly

I would spend hours at the sunglasses counter, trying on pair after pair of ill-fitting sunglasses, until finally giving in and buying the pair that fit the least badly. From cheapies to Chanel, I’ve tried them all and they all come up short.

I’m sure you know what I mean. Most Asian women have high cheekbones and a lower nose bridge, which means that sunnies rest on our cheeks, rather than our nose.

On a hot day, this means sunglasses sliding off and continually having to readjust them. Or, if they do stay in place, they sit on your cheeks all day long and fog up… gross!

After years of struggling with this, of wasting money on sunglasses and filling drawers with sunnies that I loved the style of, but couldn’t wear I decided ‘enough is enough’.

I made it my mission to make fun, fashionable sunglasses that finally fit Asian faces.

I’m excited to be sharing Yay Sunshine with you and I am confident our sunnies will fit you perfectly and look incredible. Enjoy!

Faith x